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What to Expect ?

I operate my business as a boutique photography studio, which means that I place my focus not only on capturing your moments but also creating a luxurious experience throughout the process! I believe that pictures are much more than a snapshot for the day;  they are the key to never letting a wonderful memory fade and the window to the life and soul of those captured for generations after to enjoy.

My preference is typically to work on location as it creates the most diverse backdrops and opportunities to showcase a natural, vibrant you! But I also enjoy stepping inside, especially during the rainy months.

My goal with each session I photograph is to tell the story of you and your family. We are each wonderfully unique and we all have a story worth remembering! Some families are zany while others are calm and cool and then of course we have the urbanites and the outdoorseys. I love getting to incorporate locations or items that help tell your family’s story! For example, if sweet Emma has donned nothing but her froggy rain boots for months now, let’s capture that magic! Or if your little princess refuses to leave the house without her tutu, let’s create beautiful images to always remember this moment and add to the princess décor in her room!

I love documenting the stages of children! May that be a huge beautiful toothless smile (which I believe in celebrating) or the first steps of your not-so-baby baby. These stages are but fleeting moments. They are special and magical for your child(ren). It’s in the not-so-perfect smile and the little pouty face that your heart strings will be tugged when looking back in years to come.

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