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What to Wear

Ever wondered what to wear to a photo session?

    1. Color coordinating your family outfit
      Don’t match all the colors, coordinate instead. Start by choosing a color group or category. Adobe Kuler is a GREAT resource to get some color inspiration. Examples of color groups would be: pastels, deep colors, primary colors, earth tones, etc.
    2. Avoid loud patterns and graphics
      Bright patterns and logos draw attention away from your face. We want the viewer to see you, not the pattern on your dress!
    3. Call Me, Maybe?!
      If you are overwhelmed, you may call me for advise. It would be great if you can put some of your family outfits on the bed, take a snap and text it to me before you call. I’m always willing to offer up some advice based on my experience and my knowledge of what kinds of clothing are better for certain poses!
    4. And here are some DO’s and DON’Ts
      Do pick clothes that you are comfortable in.
      Do try on ALL the clothes before coming to a photo shoot.  Nothing like finding out something doesn’t fit at the shoot.
      Do remember that you want contrast.
      Do have a bright light on when picking out clothes for the photo shoot.
      Don’t worry about bringing too many clothes, as long as you bring a variety.
      Don’t worry if you don’t like something, you can always go onto the next wardrobe.
      Don’t forget to put a fresh coat on your nails – chips will show in the photos!
      Don’t bring clothes that show stains or wrinkle easily.

Below are some helpful guides for the color schemes:


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