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When father meets his baby for the first time

In our days fathers are playing a large role in the birth of their children.  Birth is a journey that two parents take together. Man is supporting a woman in her hard work, comforts her with words of encouragement, holds her in his strong arms and gives her so much needed grounding during labor.

During  the birth of this sweet girl Harris Jane I’ve witnessed the young man show all the love and tenderness to his wife and mom-to-be.  I feel so lucky to be able to capture all the emotions and tears of happiness when he met his little girl for the first time and held her in his arms. Happy you first ever Father’s Day, Aaron!

Dream Your Memories Birth Photography

I also would like to share a beautiful slideshow that presents a collection of photos from 67 professional birth photographers, all members of the Facebook “Birth Photography” group. Each image in this video shows a priceless moment captured by a professional that would not have been captured if dad had been in charge of the camera during labor, delivery and those precious sweet moments after that tiny baby has finally arrived! So dads, please, be the labor support that mom-to-be needs; be by her side, loving and encouraging her. Hold her hand, not the camera!

You can’t just *tell* people about birth photography…you have to *show* them! And we are doing all we can to show you the beauty of professional birth photography. Please share this video with friends and family who might be interested in birth photography. Don’t let them miss an opportunity to have a professional beautifully capture their baby’s birth story!

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